“स्वदेशी मेला”.


प्रिय सभी बंधू व भगिनी,

अपने स्वदेशी जागरण मंच की ओर से आगामी 18-19 अक्टूबर 14 को द्वारका से-7 में CCRT सांस्कृतिक केंद्र प्रांगण (निकट रामफल चौक) में “स्वदेशी मेला” का आयोजन हो रहा है.

स्वदेशी उत्पादों की प्रदर्शनी व बिक्री, भारतीय खान-पान, बच्चों के खेल-कूद, झूले, कवि सम्मेलन, गीत्-संगीत, नाटक, नृत्य, लक्की ड्रा आदि आदि कार्यक्रम दोनों दिन रहने वाले हैं.

पारिवारिक मनोरंजन के साथ अपनी स्वदेशी अवधारणा को समझने-समझाने का अत्युत्तम अवसर मिलाने वाला है.

अपने स्वयं के परिवार अपने ईष्ट मित्रो सम्बन्धियों तक यह सूचना/विचार पहुंचे, इसके लिए अभी से जुटकर ही बांछित परिणाम प्राप्त हो पायेगा.

PIL filed by Dwarka Forum on water crisis and the good news is…………..

DDA informed to Delhi High Court that 14 Bore wells are operational for Dwarka.
Bore well is giving 12, 000 liter per hours and working for 12 to 14 hours.
So DDA is getting additional 14 x 12, 000 x 14  = 2352, 000 liter of Water per day
So DDA is supplying additional 235 Tankers per day
DDA agreed to increase 5 Tankers per day to EPDP CGHS as they have become a party in our PIL.
We appeal to management of all CGHS/ RWA to write to Chief Engineer Dwarka to increase number of tankers to at least three per day per society,
Quoting submission by DDA in Delhi High Court of increased availability of water through new bore wells and giving precedent of EPDP of increase of tankers to five per day.
DDA also informed court that water is supplied through tanker to those societies only which is far away but you know the fact.To challenge that we need your copy of bill if your society is near CT-2 or CT-4.
We can get something if we can come together.Let us also remember court of law works on evidence not on our words.Next date of hearing is 30th October,2014.
Team Dwarka Forum
This is for your information.

Goonj Collection Camp

Dear All,

Join Goonj collection camps in dwarka for kashmir flood on 21 and 28 sept (Sunday) from 11 am to 2 pm, as follows:

21 sept (sunday) at infront of new millennium apt, plot 2, sector 23, dwarka (near sector 23 police station)

28 sept (sunday) at opposite to venkateshwar international school, sector 10, dwarka

Volunteers: Arvind Agrawal-9899974319, Anjali Agrawal-9811654042

please contribute woolen, blankets, tarpaulin, utensils, dry ration, medicine, water purified tablets, solar lamps, torch, candles, match boxes, raincoat, umbrella etc and monetary support. Please refer attached poster for the details.


Arvind Agrawal


Please also spread message.

Extend your hand for the relief of J & K flood affected people

Sadiya Yasir lives in Shahjahanabad Society in Sector 11, Dwarka.
She has initiated a relief operation whereby she is collecting medicines, non perishable food articles, mosquito coils, Chlorine tablets,soaps,etc for the flood affected people of J&K.
Her husband Yasir works for an airlines and the airlines has been sending their relief material to the flood affected people of J&K every day for the past few days.
In this hour of crisis, request you all to lend a supporting hand to the flood affected people of J&K.
Sadiya can be contacted on 011-45022977.
Thanks and regards