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Driving in Foggy Conditions advisory from Delhi Traffic Police


Due to foggy condition in winters, visibility is reduced considerably, following measures may be taken for safe driving :

• Use fog lights.
• Turn on your wipers and defroster.
• Avoid using high beams.
• Keep your vehicle’s blinker on.
• Use the central verge of the road to guide you.
• Do not stop abruptly.
• Drive cautiously.
• Honk your horn periodically to let other drivers know of your presence.
• Never attempt overtaking.
• Never park your vehicle on the carriageway.
• Distances are hard to judge and low visibility decreases your reaction time.

Delhi Traffic Police


RCS Letter to Societies for enabling Websites for maintaining transparency in day to day operations


There is a directive from The Registrar Cooperative Societies for all the societies to have their own website to maintain transparency in the day to day work.


RCS letter pg1

RCS letter pg2

PIL filed by Dwarka Forum on water crisis and the good news is…………..

DDA informed to Delhi High Court that 14 Bore wells are operational for Dwarka.
Bore well is giving 12, 000 liter per hours and working for 12 to 14 hours.
So DDA is getting additional 14 x 12, 000 x 14  = 2352, 000 liter of Water per day
So DDA is supplying additional 235 Tankers per day
DDA agreed to increase 5 Tankers per day to EPDP CGHS as they have become a party in our PIL.
We appeal to management of all CGHS/ RWA to write to Chief Engineer Dwarka to increase number of tankers to at least three per day per society,
Quoting submission by DDA in Delhi High Court of increased availability of water through new bore wells and giving precedent of EPDP of increase of tankers to five per day.
DDA also informed court that water is supplied through tanker to those societies only which is far away but you know the fact.To challenge that we need your copy of bill if your society is near CT-2 or CT-4.
We can get something if we can come together.Let us also remember court of law works on evidence not on our words.Next date of hearing is 30th October,2014.
Team Dwarka Forum
This is for your information.




Appreciate all residents direct your respective drivers and self NOT to blown Horns within the complex.

Even for outside, a driver of a vehicle shall not Sound the horn needlessly or continuously or more than necessary to ensure safety.

Noise pollution adversely affects the lives of our own of people.  Exposure to constant or high levels of noise can cause countless adverse health affects

Let us pledge make our complex NOISE FREE!


For complaints related to power failure/ load shedding, contact:



BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. (BYPL -– 39999808

BESE Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) – 39999707

Tata Power Ltd. – 66404040


In case, complaints/ grievances are not resolved at DISCOM level, please contact with your DISCOM complaint reference Number to 24x 7 special summer

helpline No. 1800112222 (Toll Free).


Register complaint online at